Committees and Groups

Parish Pastoral Council

The Pastoral Council is a prayerful, consultative group that works with the Pastor to set the mission and direction of the Parish.

Parish Finance Council

The Finance Council provides advice and recommendations to the Pastor regarding the stewardship of Parish's financial resources, including the support and maintenance of long range financial plans, in alignment with the Parish mission.

Charity and Justice

As a way of life, we receive strength from the Eucharist, seeking to educate and provide opportunities for parishioner involvement to respond to needs and injustices locally, nationally and globally.

Faith Formation

Faith is a life-long process; we joyfully continue to offer faith formation activities for all.

Parish and Family Life

The parish and family life committee is concerned with creating a strong family community within the Parish, fostering a sense of belonging and offering a warm welcome to all.


Because everything is a gift from God, our mission is to cultivate Stewardship as a way of life by engaging parishioners to gratefully share the God given gifts through service, prayer and giving.  Our main goal is to challenge the parish to stewardship and action as a way of life.


Our Lady is a joyful, welcoming community centered on the Eucharist.  Through our Liturgical Celebrations, prayer, and sacraments, we are inspired to develop our relationship with God and neighbor.


Our Lady sponsors Cub Scout, Boy Scout and Girl Scout troops.

Knights of Columbus

Our Knights of Columbus council sponsors many charitable activities, parish events and projects of the Religious Education Department.