Charity and Justice


"... as disciples of Jesus Christ, who has taught us the power love has to change hearts and minds, I look to the future, not with facile optimism, but with hope." 
A quote from a statement given by Bishop Murry, chair of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops' Ad-Hoc Committee Against Racism, at a news conference at the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Memorial, with the Knights of Columbus and the W.J. Seymour Institute in Washington, D.C. A link to the whole article is below:




Karen and Kim

Charity and Justice Chair
Karen Hoffman       ph.216-513-6444 




As a way of life, we receive strength from the Eucharist, seeking to educate and provide opportunities for parishioner involvement to respond to needs and injustices locally, nationally and globally.



Missions and Activities:








Day of Service

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Portage Co. Food Pantry








 Equal Exchange




 Giving Tree




 Safer Future Shower






First Step For Change



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