Funeral Luncheon Info


Our Lady of Perpetual Help Parish will assist families in preparing a funeral luncheon.

Provided the parish hall is available,* a modest funeral luncheon per person fee will be charged for registered and contributing parishioners.   

The luncheon includes: services of parish volunteers to host, a menu of pasta, baked chicken, salad, bread/butter, beverages (water, coffee, tea, lemonade) table set up, cups, plates and desserts provided by parishioners who have volunteered to bake and deliver.  

The family may bring in other items if desired.

The parish hall is a non-smoking facility.

The pastor or his delegate will determine the availability of the parish hall and the fee.

*The parish hall may not be available because of a previously scheduled parish event (ex. VBS, PSR set up), or rental (ex. Red Cross, wedding), or time of the liturgical year (ex. Holy Week), or when the parish and offices are closed (ex. Day after Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter).