Staff Member: Mr. Tony Pollarine

Mr. Tony Pollarine


Tony has worked here at Our Lady for over 13 years, and feels that it is the best job anyone could ask for!

Tony Polarine is in Housekeeping and general maintenance. His job varies from day to day and he attends to the needs of many people who use the facilities.

Tony and his wife, Bev, have been married 22 years. They have two children; Randee now at the Kansas City Institute of Art and Aaron who is attending Aurora High School and working half a day in Mayfield in Computer Technology. Tony is an avid Civil War enthusiast with extensive knowledge of all the battles and locations as well as commanders on both sides of the war. He collects antique guns. He is a season ticket holder of the Browns, too!

Tony comments about his job here, “There’s nothing better than helping others—I love

Photo of Mr. Tony Pollarine