Equal Exchange Sales -Order online

Due to the global pandemic, we are not having our usual sale of Equal Exchange goods in the Narthex. We have developed a safer alternative to access the purchase of our coffee, chocolates, and other items.  You can now order online using the following link to our order page:


Paying for your order is also easy with access to our online giving page.  You can click on this option for payment right on the order page.  Simply choose “Equal Exchange” in the drop down menu.  You can use your account if you already have one, or pay through the “quick pay” method if you prefer not to set up an account. Once items are gathered for your order, they will be placed in the Office and you will be contacted regarding pickup.

For those who choose not to access our electronic form, we have a hard copy order form available in the Narthex. You can simply fill it out and return it to the same location.   Your order will be processed manually.  Thank you for your continued support of our Equal Exchange sales.