Diner and Doctrine series

The series begins October 13 and this time it is in our own back yard and by our own Pastor!
 Fr. Daprile will present “Beautiful Crucifixions” at the Aurora Inn.  A Buffet Dinner begins at 6:00pm with Fr. Daprile’s presentation at 7:00pm. The cost is $25/person with tickets purchased by October 4.  Limited number of seats at this new location so purchase tickets ASAP.  Father’s
presentation will look at images by various  artists.
Through these images and discussion we may discover why the crucifixion can be called “beautiful.”  We hope also to understand better why we profess in our creeds that Jesus was crucified, but often fail to understand the manner of his death and why our churches display a dehumanizing image and call it worthy of our attention.