Bare Cupboards! Help!

This week's Advocate has an article regarding the empty shelves at Volunteers of America.  Sue Altman, who is head of the pantry for the past 30 years, says, 
"This is the worst I've seen it in a long time." The need is great. Some of the cupboards are bare. This has been rough." What is even more important is to realize
that more Aurora families have been requesting food assistance monthly. When you go grocery shopping this week, please buy one or more non-perishable item to help our neighbors. Of great need are:
Soup, crackers, mac and cheese, canned meats, stew, tuna, canned fruits, peanut butter and jelly, juices, mashed potatoes, rice, stuffing, and spaghetti sauce
and noodles, along with toilet paper, paper towels, tissues, laundry soap, hand soap and dish soap. Please help and read the entire article for more insight into
their difficulties. Remember: "What you do to the least one of my brothers and sisters, you do to me." Matt 25:40 All Food may be dropped off in the back of the church and we will be happy to take it to Volunteers of America! Thank You!