Meet the RCIA Elect!!!

At the Rite of Election at St. Columbia Cathedral on the First Sunday of Lent, Bishop Murry acknowledged our two Catechumens, Nina DeWitt and Sasan Partovi, as being chosen or “elected” to make final preparations before being baptized at the Easter Vigil.  Nina is active with her family being the mother of three, grandmother of six and great grandmother of seven.  She has lived in Aurora for 47 years and considers herself a “jack of all trades” and was a teacher’s aide for ten years.  She is preparing to become Catholic as did her son, Dewey, in 2005.

Sasan Partovi was born in Germany and speaks with a German accent yet there is more  behind his infectious smile!  His parents moved from Persia before he was born and enrolled him in Catholic schools in Germany.  Sasan is married to Lisa.  Both he and Lisa are physicians at University Hospital in Cleveland.  Sasan juggles his job as a Resident in Internal Medicine, his life with his wife of less than one year, and becoming Catholic so if you see him yawn in church, please be understanding! 

  Eunice Krin (sponsor) with Sasan Partovi


2014 RCIA elect


Dewey, Nina and Barb           

DeWitt (sponsor)